No matter if  you are a home handyman or a seasoned carpenter,  you would certainly require some of the best hand tools in order to complete a wide variety of tasks. Our tools have become a significant part of any household and we might require them at one point or the other. These accessories have become our basic necessity and most importantly an indispensable part of our lives. Hand equipments are such kinds of devices that are primarily used to execute work on material or a physical project. These are mainly used for utilizing force and can be operated using electrical power or manual power.

Woodworkers and electricians make the use of hand devices for the purpose of creating things or fixing things. Files, planes and scrapers are the basic equipment  that is mainly used by woodworkers. Circular saws and power drills are the power tools that are generally used for creating wonderful wooden items and there are also manual instruments like hoes, spades, trowels and rakes, etc and these are mainly used for gardening to maintain your plants and keep your garden strong and healthy.

A perfect knowledge about such hand instruments would help you to find the best tool that suits your needs and requirements. Here in this site up we will mention some of the devices for your help.

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Most probably you must be familiar with this tool. They usually come in two standard versions- Philips style head and flat head. They are available in an array of materials and sizes.


The Hammer is a common and widely used hand tool. They are either two pieces or one piece and are considered to be versatile for the purpose to complete a wide variety of tasks. These can be used to drive nails, break apart materials and pry out nails. They are available in different types of lengths, so it is important to choose the one dependent upon your needs. It is always important to ensure that the head of the hammer is correctly fastened to the handle.


Saws are a widely used hand tool and hence referred to be the most valuable one. These are used to cut through various materials including metals and wood. The market today offers different types of hand saws.


Wrenches are tools that are utilized to supply mechanical advantage and grip for the purpose of turning something. They are mainly used for fastening, gripping, tightening, turning and loosening certain items such as nuts, pipe fittings, pipes and bolts. They are available in different type of sizes and shapes usually in either metric or imperial.


These equipments are available in array of widths and are significant to remove  timber from a joint. They usually come in imperial and metric sizes and feature wooden handles.


These are important handheld tools that are utilized for holding certain objects tightly in place for bending, cutting or any kind of physical compression on the objects.

Cable Cutter

This is a great tool that can be used in tel-communication and electronics. It provides huge cutting capacity of 10 m. It features a good grip in handling various objects and posses a strong body and a durable life.


Files are some essential hand devices for the purpose to accomplish any metalworking or woodworking project. These equipments feature a range of surface textures to handle different kinds of work. They are available in different surfaces and cutting teeth styles like convex, concave and flat.

Taking proper care of each of the equipment is essential to make the device last for a much longer time. It is always advisable to clean the tool after use. Furthermore, oil them properly and keep them in dry place for the prevention of rust.

Today, the market is booming in terms of selling a wide variety of the best hand tools. You can buy them from many online stores or from your local hardware store. Buying tools online is the best way to save your money and time as well. With all sorts of styles and  varieties available, so it is always important to do a thorough search and find the one that suits your requirements and that works well according to your needs. So, get a better insight of each of the tool and buy the one depending on the kind of job you need to perform.